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Japanese Voice Over Option – Video Games


last update: May 2008


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   I like watching animes with the original Japanese voice overs with English subtitles, I like playing video games in the same way if at all possible. Reckon you get a better idea of what the creators originally intended, less chance of translators messing with the plot and less chance of bad voice overs. Made this page to spread the word and list the games that have a decent amount of Japanese dialogue and also give a little incidental info on the detail (if I have any).


   I only have a passing knowledge of Japanese, if I was a proficient speaker and knew all the kanji then I would just play the original Japanese version with no need for this list (at least for me) :) so take my comments on the quality of the translation with a sack of salt.


   This is not a complete list, just the ones I've heard of. I intend to make as comprehensive a list as possible. With that in mind, if you have any additions to this list and want to contribute to it, then go to and leave a comment on the page with the title of the game…



   For a game to be included in this list it has to have a Japanese voice option that allows you to play the game as it was originally released in Japan with the added bonus of being able to read the translation of the dialogue in English. I might include other games which have a generous amount of Japanese included (of course this only matters if the game originally came from Japan) but generally the only way a game gets on the list is if it has a specific Japanese voice option in the options menu.



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Game List



[ A ]


*   ATELIER IRIS: ETERNAL MANA – PS2 - Gust/Koei/NIS America

   Sprite RPG.


*   ATELIER IRIS 2: AZOTH OF DESTINY - PS2 - Gust/Koei/NIS America

   A sprite driven, old style RPG. Smatterings of dialogue throughout the game. Bunch of fight quotes when you enter battle. A fairly small amount of dialogue. Translation is not great only passable.



  Similar to previous incarnations, old style RPG. Only has speech in story critical sections, some incidental stuff like the intro has English voice overs (even though they have text so you can read along with it – so uh why did they exclude the original…meh). Still, even though it is not entirely Japanese voiced it mainly is, and the voice work is pretty good. There are some annoying translation errors where changes were made for no other reason I can see except because the translation team wanted to stamp themselves on the product…but still, overall, it’s a passable job, and if you have any knowledge at all of Japanese you should be able to pick up on the changes in tone...


[ D ]


*   DISGAEA 2: CURSED MEMORIES - PS2 - Nippon Ichi Software

   Strategy RPG.


*   DRAGONBALL BUDOKAI 3 - PS2 - Atari/Bandai

   Fighting. Tons of Japanese with original voice actors, original anime music, really good quality stuff. Anyone who liked the original anime will almost certainly enjoy this translation since you can hear all the common expressions done by the original anime voice actors (to my knowledge anyways).


[ E ]


*   ENCHANTED ARMS - Xbox 360 and PS3 - Ubisoft / From Software



[ G ]



   Action. Hmm not sure if this has a Japanese voice option or the characters only speak Japanese with no choice. Either way I’m pretty sure this game has Japanese voices. Should I even bother putting games on the list if they don’t have the option but just have the Japanese as standard? Probably yes…I would like to know of any game that attempted to get as close to the original product as possible…really, this would be the best outcome…so uh maybe I should stop typing to myself…



*   GrimGrimoire - PS2 - Nippon Ichi/NIS America/Koei

   Strategy RPG.


[ H ]


*   .hack\\ all 4 games in FIRST series: 1/ Infection 2/ Mutation 3/ Outbreak 4/ Quarantine, - PS2 - Bandai

   Action RPG. Not sure about the PAL version, heard that you have to beat the game to open up the Japanese voice overs which is a bit of a shame since I think any emotional bond you make with the character will happen during your first play through. Someone correct me if I'm wrong please. Oh and all things point to the second series, GU, as not including the Japanese voice over option at all. Meh, I thought sequels were supposed to improve on their predecessors…what a pain. Also there was a B-side joke? Japanese voice over option in the original Japanese game but that was scrapped from the western release apparently L.


[ N ]


*   NINJA GAIDEN - Xbox - Tecmo

   Action/Stealth. Another stealth game with this option eh? Makes me think they are a bit worried that if they don’t include it then the other stealth games will look shinier and better than them…heh heh, if true then this is a good omen for the future…too bad this is such an old game but still…


*   NARUTO: RISE OF A NINJA - Xbox 360 - Ubisoft

   Action. Hmm not sure if this is a Japanese released game, might be that it was developed outside of Japan…but seeing as the game only exists because of the Japanese anime then I guess I’ll include it…The Japanese voices SHOULD, but might not yet, be available as a free downloadable, I hate patches...even if they do something cool like this...I still hate 'em...put the option in to start with you…you…poopy heads!!


[ O ]


*   ODIN SPHERE - PS2 - Atlus




   Action. Option to have Japanese Voice with English subs has been included in both the NTSC US release AND the original Japanese release, so anyone who likes to import stuff and has a chipped PS2, go crazy. Most people seem to think the Japanese version is cooler as the game has been altered in its foreign release. Again. They keep messing with the games. Why? Cause they are stupidheads. If they add an extra level or something cool that’s great but they almost never do that…

 PAL territory, option completely OMITTED…bastards…(the guys selling the product not the people in the PAL territories…). From what I can tell (only from rumours and other unreliable sources)  the Japanese voices are still on the PAL disc so it might be possible to unlock them through some action replay code or something…if anyone has any idea about this (very remote) possibility contact me yo?




   Action. First in the series. NTSC yes, PAL unsure…other releases in the Onimusha series omit the Japanese voice option until Dawn of Dreams.



[ P ]



   Fighting. Sequel to Rival Schools on PSX. Again the custom fighter creator thingy was cut. And again there is no Japanese voice option it just comes with Japanese voices, no English ones. So I'm sorta breaking my own rules for this list, which is uh bad... The translation is apparently a little better. I suggest buying the Japanese version and getting a translation of the menus from some site somewhere, quite a few fans of this game out there so…(hmm maybe I should just suggest that for every Japanese game out there and then I won’t have to put any more work into this stupid FAQ thing…)


[ R ]


*   RIVAL SCHOOLS - PSX - Capcom

   3D Fighting. Unfortunately they ripped this game apart from the original version but at least they left the voices intact...although they messed with some key story points so the translation is not accurate. Plus this game doesn't have a Japanese voice option it doesn't give you any other choice...but it is one of the few PSX games that have Japanese voices at all so I put it in. Why did they take out the cool lesson/custom fighter mode? (Cause they are lazy and mean and horrible and junk – duh) Grrr!



   RPG. This started as a GBA game and got ported to the PSP.  The only PSP specific game that has this option (that I know of). Reviews are mixed on how well the voices work, both English and Japanese. Some have found the voices annoyingly repetitive so...


[ S ]


*   SKYGUNNER - PS2 - Atlus

   Strategy RPG.


*   SONIC ADVENTURE 2 – DC – Sega / Sonic Team

   Action – Hey it’s Sonic yo! Now the only problem apparently with this is that there are no subs during cut scenes translating the Japanese audio so uh this might be a problem. Not that anyone cares cause this is such an ancient game on a dead system…Still this game was fun so I put it in…for uh historical reference or something…


*   SOUL CALIBUR 3 - PS2 - Namco

   Fighting. Lots of fight quotes, all can be replayed to your heart’s content in a character viewing mode (cool). The subtitles are not 100% accurate but are pretty good. All in all a quality Japanese voiced product.



   Action/Stealth. Nice amounts of Japanese dialogue. Voice overs are good. Plus a lot of incidental stuff from enemies during play. Good stuff all in all.


[ T ]



   Action/Stealth. The Japanese audio is only available via debug mode? Plus it is only for characters no intros etcetera. Debug mode: Pause games, hold L1 + R2 and then press in order – up, triangle, down, x, left, square, right, circle, then release L1 + R2 and press L1, R1, L2, R2, then wait a bit? And press Start, L2 + R2. This is untested so if your PSX blows up, uh blame someone else…then when in debug mode to get Japanese voices: At mission select screen hold L1 and press left, left, down, down, square, square, triangle, circle. Jeez that was easy now wasn’t it. Just in case I didn’t copy that down right look on the web yo? Good luck!


*   TENCHU: FATAL SHADOWS - PS2 - Activision

   Action/Stealth. Sequel to Wrath. 4th? In the series.  Tenchu is a great series for the Japanese voice option eh? Tenchu you rock! Or something…


*   TENCHU: WRATH OF HEAVEN - PS2 - Activision

   Action/Stealth. 3rd? in the series. There is not a ton of dialogue here mostly incidental voice quotes and the odd story progression cut scene voice from the characters. Intros are Japanese as well from memory.


[ V ]


*   VALKYRIE PROFILE 2:SILMERIA - PS2 - Tri Ace/Square Enix




Wanna help? + Not sure game list



   Wanna help? These next game titles are possible inclusions that I'm not quite sure about yet. Send in your answers but more importantly send in all the other games that I'm positive I've missed entirely that have a Japanese voice option. After I've confirmed they really have the Japanese voice option using my psychic powers and junk then I'll chuck 'em in the next update.


   Go to  if you want to contribute to the list and just leave a comment on the blog with the game title on any other Japanese voiced over games that have English subtitles (what a bloody mouthful) to:


   Thanks for any help!



Final stuff



   The content here is not as up to date as the blog, Google pretty much ignores this site in terms of its search engine so I’ll probably put most of my efforts into updating the blog rather than keep messing around here. Although I like the options available here more, I don’t know if I’ll bother keeping it up to date or not…



   Oh and thanks to the few game translators/publishers that put the Japanese option into their games (Atlus I'm looking at you, you sexy cool game company ;). For without them I could not have made this FAQ ;) It is only a matter of time before all Japanese games have this option as standard just like almost all animes have when they are released overseas, but until that happens I will continue to keep this thing updated, unless I get bored, or don't feel like it anymore or have a nervous break down etcetera blah blah. But anyways here's hoping that this FAQ will become a historical reference (heheh yeah right…) rather than a work in progress, ‘constantly needing updates thingy’ sooner rather than later and that every game that comes from another country has the option to play the game subbed and with the original voice overs. I just wanna play something that is as close to the original game as possible is that so much to ask? No it isn’t!!! So shut up and put the damn option in all the games…uh please, if you possibly could…


BIG thank you goes out to the people that sent me leads on new additions to the list!




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last update: May 2008